For more than 70 years, the Catchacoma Cottagers’ Association has focused on the interests of our cottagers, including:

  • Buoy program – we provide and maintain the buoys throughout Catchacoma lake and the Narrows to mark the general location of the most serious hazards on the lake
  • Environment and lake stewardship – we have a lake Steward who takes water samples to have tested by MOE to monitor the water quality of the lake for clarity, phosphorus levels and invader species (e.g. zebra mussels)
  • Community events such as Dockfest
  • Communications including this website, newsletters, and regular e-mails.

The CCA maintains memberships with the following organizations:

Your membership, donations and our sponsors support these activities. Thank you!

CCA Board

Title Responsibility
Mitty Van Der Velden President
Richard Watson Vice-President
Steve Scott Treasurer Financials
Marnie Moriarty Secretary
Cristina Natale Director Membership
Ted Spence Director CCRAI & CEWF Liaison,
Lake Steward
Jason Card Director Buoy Master
Dave Curtis Director Social & DockFest
Ric Mackey Director Sponsorship
Suzanne Frick Director Newsletter
Joe Natale Director Event Entertainment