Water Level Update – 5 July 2022

water level 5 July 2022

This spring, our lakes filled normally until early June when excessive rainfall caused the whole Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW) system to overfill. Our lakes only reached a level about 10 cms above full in mid June and the level has since fallen back to normal conditions.

In late June, the entire Trent Canal system south of Young’s Point was closed for five days to allow the water management team to pass more water downstream to restore the navigation system to normal levels. Now we have been experiencing dry conditions with increasing rates of evaporation from the large Kawartha Lakes and reservoirs. As a result the normal seasonal drawdown of the reservoirs has begun.

This week the TSW has posted their first drawdown forecast of the season and it projects our lake will continue to fall by between 1.5 and 2 cms per day over the next two weeks. This forecast is updated every week and projects out two weeks based on current conditions and weather forecasts.

Residents are encouraged to follow the posted water levels and the forecast for drawdown on the TSW website. For more information, visit our Water Levels page.