The Buoys are in for 2023 Season

men on dock

Our intrepid volunteers braved a sunny but cool day yesterday to put the buoys in for this year.

Thanks to Catchacoma Marina for lending us their barges, and thanks to volunteers Bob, Jay, Pat, Rob, Steve and Ric for spending the morning making the lake safer for all of us. A special shout-out to Jay who replaced all the ropes and anchors to keep the buoys securely in place. Thanks also to Pete for looking after the buoys in the Narrows.

The buoy program represents a major expense for the CCA so thank you to everyone for becoming a member; your dues help us with this annual task. Maintenance and insurance are expensive but the labour is all volunteer!

Check out our buoys page for locations and more info.

Special thanks to Catchacoma Marina for allowing the CCA to store the buoys at their location.