Water Quality Report for Catchacoma

man on dock

CCA has been sponsoring the work of the Trent University team from the Trent Aquatic Research Program (TARP) to sample the water quality on Catchacoma Lake. The team has been sampling lakes in our area since 2015. The TARP program is led by Dr Paul Frost of Trent University and in all years except 2020 (COVID rules) the sampling on Catchacoma has been carried out in collaboration with our CCA Lake Steward.

The sampling program is focused on establishing an ongoing record of various water quality measurements to monitor the lake water quality characteristics in order to document any changes over time. The measurements also provide a basis for comparison with other lakes in our area.

We are linking to two reports from TARP for the information of Catchacoma Lake residents.

The first is The Primer Report 2021 which outlines what measurements are taken and what the results mean.

The second report is the Kawartha Highlands Water Quality Report 2022 which sets out the water testing results for more than 20 lakes in our area and which allows comparison of Catchacoma with other lakes.

Overall the results for Catchacoma indicate our lake is healthy and that our results are stable and comparable to most other lakes in our area.

Photo courtesy of Trent Aquatic Research Program (TARP)